Welcome to Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System. We take great pride in striving for purity, particularly in the unique design of our whole house system! For us pure water is a way of life. We would like to make it a way of life for you also.
You owe it to yourself and your family to have pure water in your home. Purity Prime is a whole house water treatment system developed over the last 7 years by our team. Purity Prime has developed a unique formula using 2 types of media components that are NSF (National Science Foundation) listed and have received recent awards.
Pure water is so essential for your health and survival; however, we often neglect to consider whether the water, even when coming from a municipality, is truly purified water. Consider EPA toxic spills such as the horrific gold spill that effected several states, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and even Arizona. The oil spills that have damaged our water systems recently and the cities with terrible contaminated water such as Flint, Philadelphia, and many others. Could your city be next? With the high levels of heavy metals like Lead, Uranium, Mercury, and Arsenic (111 and V) found water supplies, are municipalities keeping up? How safe do you feel that your family is drinking pure clean safe water?
Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System was developed to provide added protection for you and your family. You may need our Whole House Water System to treat and purify all the water in your home.