Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System is manufactured in-house and in he USA.

Size of the Main Tank, Fluoride and the Salt – Free DeScaller Tank is 44”h X 8” D.

The 44” includes about 2” for installation.

Our Team has been in the Water treatment business for over 30 years.

Purity Prime provides the results:

Performance of Excellence

What sets us apart from other Whole House Water Treatment Systems:

Our unique Exclusive: We use 2 types of KDF/GAC Foamy Formula with our Micro-bead process, our own breakthrough technology, our warranty and exclusive test, we provide this test to our customers with every sale. This test is the highest quality test of its kind on the market. Our system will provide up to 1,000,000 gallons.

Yes, Purity Prime has the test to prove our statements. When you purchase a Purity Prime Water Treatment System you get exactly what you pay for. You can now have peace your family is drinking safe drinking water.

Our Systems come with:

Option for Installation for an additional cost of $500.00, meaning corporate will take the responsibility of hiring a licensed or licensed and bonded plumber to do the installment.

When the customer hires the installer, they must be a licensed plumber for the the customers warranty’s to be in effect.

Warranty: 3-year warranty on the filters

Lifetime warranty on Tanks and the tank accessories

Our scientist has long term experience of over 30 years in environmental science, bio-engineering and specializing in water treatment. This experience was poured into the years it took to develop this unique system. Purity Prime uses the most advanced science and technology to make possible the best home water treatment system available.

It provides the best water quality, leaving no contaminants or toxic compounds that could compromise your health.

Our Purity Prime System maximizes the extension of the saturation point and extends your water purification system’s life. Our breakthrough technology provides an additional oxygen molecule in the water. This helps accelerate the body to self-healing process at the cellular structural level when drinking the proper amount of pure water daily.

Contaminants enter the water supply in many ways, through landfills, deteriorating underground storage tanks, industrial waste, leaching pipes, pesticides, and herbicides, aging municipal water treatments, etc…

Some contaminants occur naturally in water while others are introduced. Some individuals contribute to water contamination by dumping home chemicals such as used car oils, and solvents.

We use our own unique safe foamy formula of Micro Beads, 2 kinds of KDF/GAC, our new breakthrough technology that removes more than 100 harmful contaminants and the only test of its kind for proof of prevention and removal of contaminants. The decision makers may feel because many of these contaminants and components are such minimum quantities, they really do not maters. We happen to disagree with that solution. Click Here to take you to over more than 100 contaminates.

Sediment Tank 1 – WHOLE HOUSE PRE-FILTER                                                                                             

It may not look large, but this little cylinder removes 100% of the sediment: sand, silt and dirt found in your water. We use a 1-micron sediment filter that keeps your media clean which protects your water.


We are excited about our Main Tank Whole House Water Treatment System! We use a deep pleated filter, two types of KDF/GAC, Catalytic Carbon (Coconut Shell, Coal Based) use our own unique safe foamy formula of Micro Beads, and our Breakthrough Technology, our Warranty’s and Exclusive Test designed by our Team for Purity Prime exclusively.

This system specifically removes Viruses, Bacteria, Molds, Spores, Organic Substances, Minerals, Chlorine, Mercury, Copper, Chloramine, and Ammonia. This system is fantastic at removing Pesticides, Herbicides, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, lead, uranium, and over 100 additional other contaminants.

Leaving a wonderful fresh taste and no odor in your drinking water month after month and year after year. This system provides a healthy pH alkaline level up to 8.5, the peak for healthy pH is 7 to 7.5 up to 8.5!

All components are NSF listed.


This System Removes up to 100% of the Fluoride. We use a high-calcium Bone Char carbon filter, it removes arsenic, radium, uranium, radionuclide and more. Once you have removed the fluoride and other contaminants you accelerate the body to self-heal itself at the cellular structural level when you are drinking the proper amount of water. The water you drink plays a huge part in building a strong immune system and healthy energetic body and brain.

We use an extra thick sturdy filter with activated alumina (this is not aluminum as we know it) cartridge for fluoride removal and 2 types of KDF and GAC to remove chlorine, heavy metals, chemicals including lead and chromium 6, chemicals, and more. At the same time, our filter system leaves in essential, healthful minerals like calcium and magnesium to protect the body’s nervous system.


No backwashing, removes sodium, salt, lime or corrosion buildup. It is an economic system and uses no water waste and no electricity.

Our new breakthrough technology and our unique exclusive test which is the only test of its kind for proof of removal of salt- free de-scaling salt, lime, etc. and is the safe answer to prevention of salt, corrosion and slime.

We use Micro Beads (you cannot see them with the naked eye), they make their way through plumbing without attaching on to pipes, fixtures, valves, or heating elements.

We are the first residential/commercial system to have an effective and immediate means for testing. When you are using our systems, you know without a doubt what you are getting.


Other companies do not have our exclusive: 2 types of KDF/GAC formula, micro-bead process, our Breakthrough Technology, and our unique test. They cannot prove their efficiency claims. They may be cutting corners and use only a very small amount or the media, only use only 1 type 1 KDF/GAC media, many do not even use the same type media. Meaning the removal of fluoride and contaminant removal is very small amount. You cannot choose to cut corners concerning whole water systems and comprise on the removal of dangerous deadly contaminants and protect your health. Neither have I heard of any other company that provides the filters for 3 years. Most whole house systems are specifically designed to only remove 7 to 12 of the most common contaminates. We agree those are most known, however I do not want any contaminates in my drinking water. Most professionals will tell you they are only in small amounts, if that were true when you consider over 100 contaminants in your drinking water you are drinking and bathing in that water as far as I am concerned your overall health is being comprised, thanks but no thanks.

Our systems were designed specifically for City Tap Water

Purify Your City Tap Water Throughout Your Home

We customize and test each system before it is shipped

It is the only Water Treatment System of its kind and it is designed specifically to remove over 100 other heavy metals, contaminants, fluoride while maintaining a healthy salt free system protecting your pipes and system providing safe pure drinking water throughout the home.

Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment system must be installed by a licensed plumber for the warranty to be covered. It does not have to be installed by a bonded plumber only a licensed.

The Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment Systems comes with 3 years of filter warranty and a lifetime warranty on the tank themselves.

Purify your tap water with Purity Prime while at the same time helping your entire family with their health. Cut back on Hospital bills by balancing your water ‘s pH and ridding your household of up to 100 deadly Contaminants. Water Treatment is Our Business. We are water treatment specialists, experience of 33 years. It is important that you know according to medical journals and medical professionals even a cancer cell cannot live in a balanced pH alkaline environment.

Excellence in Manufacturing:

When you choose our Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System for all your family water needs you have the very best.

We stand behind the performance of Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment Systems, there is nothing else like it on the market. Our system is the most reliable and efficient city water treatment system in the USA.

Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System would seem like a luxury piece of equipment. Why should you care about treating and purifying your family’s water with it?

A glass of Purity Prime pure clean water is not only refreshing, it is extremely important to your health and well-being. Unfortunately, the water that comes from your tap, even if municipally treated and approved, is likely to be contaminated with organic substances, minerals, or chlorine and much more.

These contaminants affect water’s taste, they also have a negative impact on your water throughout your home including your appliances. The truly serious problem is these contaminants can destroy you and your family’s health and may cause disastrous effects from cancer to cardiac problems with unlimited other health issues.

Our Whole House Water Treatment system not only provides clean, pure drinking water, it supplies treated water everywhere it is needed in your home. The whole-house water treatment system filters the water as soon as it enters the home, before it even enters your home’s plumbing system.

Problems you may now have with your municipally treated and approved water treatment include:

Your drinking water is supposed to be safe, however over 2,000 small and large cities across America have discovered that it very well may not be. Philadelphia has discovered 10.19 % of their children and loved ones have higher than the 5-ppm recommended limit for Lead. What else is in municipally treated and approved water treatment? We realize now that municipal water is not necessarily safe in many areas as has been claimed. Many treatment systems do not eliminate microorganisms.

Not long afterward the schools came up with terrible water results proving the dangers of the water children were drinking across the nation.

Drinking pure, clean water is essential to a healthy life for everyone from birth. God created our bodies to heal itself with great self-healing abilities and one of the main ways was by drinking plenty of pure drinking water, Afterall he created them of mostly water. Water that is truly pure has the great ability to satisfy thirst and hydrate and teach your body to heal itself. While municipal water systems are treated to remove unhealthy levels of contaminants the water is not considered pure since many still have many contaminates, minerals, organic matter and chlorine.

Our drinking water system is a unique technology to transform low quality tap water into high quality drinking water.

You will drink and cook with pure water, You will know the clothes you, your babies and children are wearing and breathing are safe next to the skin which is the largest organ of the body. When you and your family lay down to sleep you know you are breathing and relaxing better and not breathing chemicals introduced through your water that cause disease and sickness.

Every time you take a bath or a shower, when not using pure water, you may be allowing hundreds of deadly chemicals into the body. Even your bathroom will have less germs by flushing with fresh safe water.

We care about people’s health. As a family owned and operated business, we are not too small to give you our undivided care and we are not so big that we overlook the small details. We provide you unsurpassed quality. We look forward to serving your water treatment needs. Contact us today!

A few contaminates that Purity Prime removes:








Heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, uranium

Batch Test Data

Purity Prime’s special Media adsorbents utilize a material to absorb both forms of arsenic as well as a wide range of contaminants in water.

• Removal of heavy metals to meet drinking water standards

• High adsorbent capacity requiring less frequent replacement

• Works fast and effectively at high flow rates

• Arsenic III

• Lead

• Arsenic V

• Mercury

• Cadmium

• Uranium

• Copper

• Zinc

• Antimony

• Selenium applications

• Commercial and industrial treatment units for drinking water or contaminated water

• Municipal water treatment

• Carbon blocks

• Household point of entry treatment units

*Lifetime Warranty on the tanks and the mechanical accessories excludes “acts of God” based upon normal use.

Residents of NY and parts of NJ and PA: Our filter removes the copepods that have been found in your drinking water supply. They are microscopic organisms in size and are dangerous. Our Scientist lives in Manhattan New York and has made this a priority issue concerning your drinking water.b