Purify your city tap water throughout your home with our Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System. Performance of Excellence – No Risk Guarantee! Our Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System is manufactured in-house and in America.

Notice: All systems come with a 3-year filter warranty and a lifetime system warranty.

Each system is 44” X 8”

We offer a “In House Financing No Credit Check – No Interest” payment plan.

Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System

Our scientist has long term experience of over 30 years in environmental science, bioengineering and specializing in water treatment. This experience was poured into the years it took to develop this unique system. Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System uses the most advanced science and technology to manufacture the best home water treatment systems.

This system provides the best water quality, leaving no contaminants or toxic compounds that could compromise your family’s health.

Drinking pure, clean water is essential to a healthy life for everyone from birth. God created our bodies to heal itself with great self-healing abilities and one of the main ways was by drinking plenty of pure water, after all he created the body of mostly water. Water that is truly pure has the great ability to satisfy thirst, hydrate and teach your body to heal itself.

A glass of Purity Prime pure clean water is not only refreshing, it tastes delicious, and is extremely important to your health and well-being. Unfortunately, the water that comes from your tap, even if municipally treated and approved, may be contaminated with organic substances, minerals, or chlorine and much more.

You will find when you increase your health by strengthening your immune system your doctor visits, hospital and medication cost may decrease. Think about it, every time you get sick and go to the emergency room or to see your doctor what is the first thing they say, are you drinking plenty of water? Most people do not drink near enough water, why because they say they do not like the taste of their water.

Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System provides healthy water in every aspect of your home, including the kitchen for drinking, cooking, and cleaning meats, vegetables and of course dishes. Your laundry for safe healthy breathing of the clothes worn by your babies and children. When you and your family lay down to sleep you know you are breathing better and not breathing chemicals introduced through your water that cause disease and sickness. Now even your bathrooms have pure clean water for brushing your teeth, bathing to enhance the beauty of your skin and washing your hair.

When you choose our Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment Systems for all your family water needs you have chosen the best.

Why Should We Question the Safety of Our Drinking Water?

Your drinking water is supposed to be safe, however over 2,000 small and large cities across America have discovered that it very well may not be. Philadelphia has discovered 19% of their children and loved ones have higher than the 5-ppm recommended limit for Lead. You may ask what else is in municipally treated water? We realize now that municipal water is not necessarily safe in many areas as has been claimed. Many municipally treated water systems do not eliminate all the microorganisms. This is the reason we designed our whole house water treatment systems.


Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment Systems


The Pre-filter may look small, but this little unit removes 100% of the sediment: sand, silt and dirt found in your water. We use a 1-micron sediment filter that keeps your media clean which protects your water.


We designed this luxury high end system with a deep pleated filter, two types of KDF/GAC, Catalytic Carbon Coconut Shell with a Charcoal Base. Our oxygen molecule, unique formula process, and Breakthrough Technology. This is not the same formula used in our Salt-Free De-Scaler, the media measurements and some other techniques are different.

Our system treats up to 1,000,000 gallons of pure fresh alkaline drinking water for a healthy pH of 7 to 7.5 up to 8.5. Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System removes Viruses, Bacteria, Molds, Spores, Organic Substances, Minerals, Chlorine, Mercury, Copper, Chloramine, and Ammonia. This system is fantastic for removing Pesticides, Herbicides, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, lead, uranium, and removes over 100 other harmful contaminants and components. Link



This system is designed specifically to remove up to 100% fluoride. We use a high-calcium Bone Char carbon filter, it removes arsenic, radium, uranium, radionuclide and more. Once you have removed the fluoride and other contaminants you accelerate the body to self-healing itself at the cellular structural level when you are drinking the proper amount of water. Purity Prime Whole House Water System leaves in essential, healthful minerals like calcium and magnesium to protect the body’s nervous system.

NOTICE: The Fluoride and Salt -free De-Scaler Tanks are not sold separately.


No backwashing, removes sodium, salt, lime, or corrosion buildup. It is an economic system and uses no water waste and no electricity.

Solves Hard Water Problems Without Salt, Chemicals, or Maintenance

Removes and Prevents Lime Scale Deposits in Pipes, Sinks, and Faucets

Hard Water Levels up to 30 gpg (513 ppm) Works on Copper, PVC, CPVC, and PEX Pipe etc.

Lifetime Warranty on the System.

You have a 3-year warranty on the filters.

Our technology transforms the harmful components, that cause the hardness of the water into mechanically stable and heat resistant “Micro Beads “that will eradicate present and prevent future salt, lime, and corrosion.

Our Purity Prime Salt-Free DeScaler is a maintenance free system that does not require costs for electricity, salt or water waste or any other monthly cost attached to this system.

Our Salt – free DeScaler system is ordered according to the municipal water needs depending on the grain. You will find out that information through your Sales Rep or through your municipal water company. You can also be guided by how many people live in the

What is the main difference between water-softening unit and our SALT-FREE De-Scaler

The “classical” water-softening operates based on ion exchange, exchanging calcium and magnesium ions in water with an equivalent amount of sodium. When a water softener is used, the result is not only soft water, but also increased sodium (harmful to the body and can greatly increase high blood pressure) content in the water supply. Additionally, these softening units require water for backwashing and common brine water (salt water) for regeneration. For example, to regenerate 100 liters of softening resin, up to 25 kg of salt per regeneration cycle is required. This means an added costly expense of salt is incurred for each regeneration cycle.

The best choice is our SALT-FREE De-Scaler: Our Salt-Free De-Scaler formula with 2 types of KDF/GAC which creates our foamy “Micro Beads” acts as a catalyst by accelerating the transformation of the calcium and magnesium minerals into harmless “Micro Bead” particles. When the inlet water goes into the water conditioner tank, the up flow pulls the water through 2 types of media which then acts as a catalyst and pulls the hardness minerals of calcium and magnesium out of the solution and then transforms these minerals into “Micro Bead” particles. The hard minerals have been transformed into “Micro Bead” particles, these particles make their way through plumbing systems without attaching on to pipes, fixtures, valves, or heating elements.

NOTICE: This SALT-FREE De-Scaler Tank is not sold by itself; it is only sold with the Main Tank or the Main Tank and Fluoride Tank.

Purity Prime 4 piece Total Water Treatment System

Other Important Information

Your home will benefit from your new luxury system. Your water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, humidifiers and showers and entire plumbing systems will last much longer.

Your system will be saving you money over the years to come. Other considerations are the money you may save on dentist, doctors, hospital bills and expensive medications.

When the customer hires the installer, Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System must be installed by a licensed plumber for the warranty to be covered. It does not have to be installed by a bonded plumber only a licensed plumber.

A copy of the Plumbers license must be sent to the corporate office to cover the warranty.

Send the license by email to a7sasc7@outlook.com

Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System is a luxury piece of equipment that enhances your health. We stand behind the performance of Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment Systems, there is nothing else like it on the market. Our system is reliable and efficient through-out your home.

Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System not only provides clean, pure drinking water, it supplies treated water everywhere it is needed in your home. The whole-house water treatment system filters the water as soon as it enters the home before it even enters your home’s plumbing system. However, we suggest you run the water for 5 minutes for extra assurance.

The team at Purity Prime cares about your health. As a family owned business, we are not too small to give you our undivided care and we are not so big that we overlook the small details. We provide you unsurpassed quality. We look forward to serving your water treatment needs.

With Purity Prime Whole House Water Treatment System, you know what you are drinking. All formula components are NSF listed.

Residents of NY and parts of NJ and PA: Our filter removes the copepods that have been found in your drinking water supply. They are microscopic organisms in size and are dangerous.

Notice: Customers will have the option to pay Purity Prime LLC an additional $500.00 for corporate to have a licensed or licensed and bonded plumber to install the system and stand behind system maintenance.

Our Love Charity: St. Jude’s Children Hospital puts helping and loving children and their families into action, and we like the feeling being part of that. They receive no help from the government, and yet take extremely good care of the families they help – not limited to the actual medical expenses, they treat them like royalty while they are there. We have chosen them as our LOVE charity! Every time you make a purchase you are helping those beautiful children and their families. We give $25.00 to $100.00 from each sale. These funds are sent to them every 6 months.